About Us

Stratti Building Group is an advanced building firm that services the wider Sydney region. Founded by Robbie Stratti in 2012, Stratti Building has consistently provided high quality craftsmanship that has established the firm as a leading edge in contemporary home building and renovation design. Stratti Building offers an interdisciplinary service to meet any and all of your job specifications. Our services include custom new home builds, design and drafting, renovations, small jobs and expert project management.

We have an elite group of trades readily available to accomplish our projects efficiently and professionally. We consistently innovate and dedicate so that our jobs are at the highest standard you could receive as a client. We highly value integrity, professionalism and friendliness- the customer service you will receive makes working with us easy and enjoyable. Our client’s satisfaction is our priority. Whether you need information about a small renovation project or a new build, you can contact us and one of our friendly professionals can help you.



Our clients have often expressed that other building firms misinterpret, restrict or simply reject their unique and exceptional design concepts. We value and respect our client’s design ideas; we won’t turn away a design. We take your conceptions and run them through our expert designers, drafters and engineers to ensure your vision is brought to life as accurately as possible. We can take what other builders label as impossible and make it your reality. We have broad experience in building architectural masterpieces. Our designers, drafters and engineers all work in conjunction to provide finished plans that are aligned with our client’s initial concept. We enable our clients to realise their dream home and to start enjoying it as soon as possible. When it comes to renovations and additions it is of utmost importance to provide a seamless integration of the additions to the original structure. We achieve this with our superior craftsmanship, knowledge and experience. We are also accommodating of clients that need to inhabit their homes whilst we conduct our renovations and can arrange to manage the works around your requirements were possible. We have worked extensively on heritage projects. The care, attention to detail and sensitivity that this type of work entails allowed Stratti Building Group to establish itself as a superior building firm with renovations and additions.

Our ability to replicate the finest of details found within Sydney’s heritage homes prove our reliability and commitment in providing high-end craftsmanship. Small jobs are completed competently and professionally. Our employees and trades value our small jobs just as much as our full builds. The care and craftsmanship we provide extends across all our services, regardless of the size and cost. The pride we take in every singe job we commit to drives our work to be the absolute best. When you engage us for new builds, renovations, small jobs, or design and drafting you are receiving a team of highly motivated, experienced, and accomplished trades and employees. From concept to construction Stratti Building Group is committed to providing the absolute best solution for the job at hand. We are driven to ensure our clients are absolutely satisfied with our work. We guarantee that your ideas will be born into reality with embedded longevity and high-end aesthetic design that is aligned with the original concept.