Hunters Hill - I

Hunters Hill – I

This build was designed by Sydney based firm David Selden Design, and is comprised of a three-tiered structure that stepped down a hillside, overlooking the property’s gorgeous waterside views. To compliment it’s natural surrounding’s the design incorporated a combination of natural elements including stone and timber, which was harmonized against off form concrete finishes. The combined elements created a striking contrast of bold aesthetic and refined detail.

Access to this site posed a significant challenge to the build as very few materials could be craned in. This issue was competently solved with efficient and innovative manpower to transport materials down the 3 flights of stairs required to access different levels of the property. Towards the end of the build the home elevator was installed which made transporting materials a more efficient process.

Each tier was constructed to take full advantage of the natural views on offer to the property by utilising sharp angles and its floating tiers to create lookouts that perfectly frame the scenery. As can be seen from our gallery below, David Selden’s design is astonishing. It’s of no surprise that this project was shortlisted in the 2015 Houses Awards – House of the year over 200m².