New Builds

New Builds

Stratti Building Group is an experienced and professional homebuilder that services the wider Sydney region.

The most significant step in building your new house is choosing the right homebuilder. Starting a new house build is a massive task that spans across multiple trades and industries. It is essential that the organisation and management of a high-end build is conducted by an experienced and accomplished professional.

A good homebuilder in Sydney should have skills that go far beyond construction. The surprises and challenges that arise in a new home build require a builder with developed interpersonal skills in order to navigate, negotiate and resolve problems appropriately.  Stratti Building has vast experience in the complexities of completing new home builds, and can are experienced with the challenges that arise out of new builds.

Stratti Building professionally supervises and manages all their trades and employees and keeps up to date on all local zoning regulations, building codes and other legal requirements.

Our clients have often expressed that other building firms restrict, misinterpret or simply reject their unique and exceptional design concepts.

We won’t turn away a design. We pride ourselves on taking an individual’s seemingly impossible vision and making it a part of reality. We achieve this through our team of designers, drafters and engineers working in together to negotiate between unique and far-out design and the physical limitations of materials and structures.

When you engage Stratti Building as your homebuilder you will be 100% satisfied with our craftsmanship and as to how we have remained aligned with your original design concept.

We value and respect your design ideas, and work diligently to make sure your vision is brought to reality as accurately as possible. When unique and challenging concepts come to us to be built we make certain that our projected finished design is in accordance with our client’s aesthetic preferences and requirements.

We love working with our clients on new builds and our integrity, friendliness and professionalism makes our clients love working with us.

New Builds gallery coming soon.