Additions, Extensions & Renovations

Stratti Building can design and construct any type of home additions, extensions and renovations. We have a wide range of experience and skill in these areas that have been honed by the many heritage projects we have successfully completed.

The care, attention to detail and sensitivity that this type of work entails allowed Stratti Building Group to establish itself as a superior Sydney building firm. Our ability to replicate the finest of details found within Sydney’s heritage homes is proof of our reliability and commitment in providing high-end craftsmanship.

We provide a seamless integration of additions, extensions and renovations to your original floor plan in order to reinvigorate the appearance and livability of your property.

Our process is collaborative; we work with you to understand your lifestyle and your properties design needs when developing a design brief. All of our work is aligned with the design brief. We are transparent in completing our works; our communication is open and clear so our clients will always feel at ease whilst the job is ongoing.

You won’t be left feeling out of the loop with our works, and will be put at ease in knowing the job you’ve ordered is what you will receive when it’s complete. We are also accommodating of clients that need to inhabit their homes whilst we conduct our renovations and can arrange to manage the works around your requirements where possible.

Renovations, additions and extensions can add value to your property and make an old house feel new again.  The benefits of these home upgrades can benefit more than just the value for your property. They can also provide improved security, increased comfort, access to more natural light and views, and more efficiency in the design of your home.

All of our trades possess superior craftsmanship, knowledge and experience in renovations. The level of detail in the finishes we can achieve is perfectly suited for high-end renovations, additions and extensions.

Management is also streamlined when you work with us; there is a clear chain of command with subcontractors working on your property. This means that if any challenges arise during additions, extensions or renovations, Stratti Building will appropriately and efficiently resolve them.

Our designs are masterful, and are ingrained with longevity and sophisticated design. When you engage us for additions, extensions or renovations you will be satisfied with our impeccable finishes and the value added to your property.

Renovation gallery coming soon.